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Long, so I'll add cuts for politeness.

We've had rain in the area two days in a row now. While this may not seem like a big deal, things were getting just a bit... dry. And dry around here means... tinder. Brush fires. Not fun. Fortunately not a lot of thunder, though there was some on both days. However, Houdini seems to like the current placement of his "drum" house right next to the old non-functional stove that Herself uses as a meat smoker.

I call it a "drum" house becaues it's an old, plastic 55 gallon drum, decommissioned from storing livestock feed because of small cracks. Too small to matter for a dog's "safe place" as Mamma Mudge calls it, because we orient those to the down side. And the Bros seem to like them.

Some of you know I play around a bit with Flickr, Yahoo Dot Com's photo-blog-sort-of site. I've decided to finalize their feature for my "personal" web address, and no surprises that it's madshutterbug:

If you play on Flickr too, and I don't know who you are there, let me know. The biggest advantage is that it's free; some limitations apply. You'll see a lot of the same things both places, really (i.e. here, and there), so if you don't play on Flickr, don't loose heart. And despite the use of both places for showing off photography, I've really got to get to work on upgrading and updating the "official" Mad Shutter-bug Photography web site. For one thing, joedecker pointed out in some off-line conversations that including my name in the name for that site improves recognition. Likewise, since I use my name on the Schedule C for IRS it's probably a good idea.

In other photo projects, I've been documenting the process of converting the old single-wide mobile home formerly known as "318" into the still old single wide mobile not home currently known as "Studio 318". Part of that project is to put up a photo essay here on the process. That was moving along at a steady snail's pace by cataloging in Adobe Photoshop Elements, until I overloaded it's simple MS Access subconscious and caused an anxiety attack Elements' still hasn't recovered from. Another photographer friend of mine recommended AC-DSee for the same purposes; I expect to try that, but...

Not until I've replaced the Venerable Laptop. Which hopefully will be within a couple months, or sooner. Herself approved the purchase, and I've been looking around. Not sure I like the fact that what used to be called "notebooks" within the laptop world are now wide-screen; seems to be a contradiction in concept that laptops are portable. I could get a tablet instead of a notebook, keeps the size and weight down. This is no small thing, as I do "Have Laptop, Will Travel" rather often. Not Road-Warrior often, but at least six months out of the year, I'm off someplace doing something that requires portable computing.

I'm reasonably certain that about a third of the flakiness I'm experiencing with Venerable Laptop is due to what I call Micro Shaft Winders Trash Retention Policy. Re-formatting and re-installing the OS and software would help with that. Since it's only about a third of the suspected problem source, however, I'm reluctant to do that. At least until the replacement is on hand and working.

Feed run yesterday for goat feed; part of the curiousity effect of doing business as a ranch is that the brothers who run the mill we use also purchased a hog as a wedding present for a friend of theirs. The hog starred as the feature attraction at the wedding reception, not the wedding itself. We might could of done this transaction as a barter (knock the dollar ammount off the feed bill), but since we're both filing our respective paperwork with the IRS it's a bit easier to cut two separate checks, one in each direction.

We've also decided that the interesting product new to us we used to make "hot" fences is probably quite useful for either Bovinea (cows) or Equiuus (horses), but not Caprini (goats). It's a polypropylene rope with wire woven into it, so there's some stretch to it and the electricy is still present to discourage a lot of leaning into the fence. However, the goats don't seem to receive the same exposure to the wire the other two groups do. So it's a good thing that the hot fence is inside the field fence. But only just.

Cows and Goats, by the way, are both members of the family Bovidae or ruminants. Not that you really cared.

I've added a g-mail address, primarily so I can use Google Talk. If you use G-mail, and Google Talk, my name there is (wait for this...) madshutterbug.

I expect I've bored you enough by now. Presuming, of course, you needed to be bored enough to read behind the cuts.
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