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Gacked from ... even though I told "wedschilde, I shouldn't ... "

So this is what I gacked. A single letter, a portion of the Western Alphabet comprising "B", and ten words starting with this letter, along with why.
Beer: Because it is The Major Food Group. 

Border Collies (OK two words, tough, getoverit): Because I live with a small pack of them. Things I did not know until I lived with a Border Collie: I need help herding my socks on and off my feet. 

Byzantine: Because, well, it just so aptly describes that convoluted interplay of plots and wheels within plots and wheels within plots and wheels. 

Bath: Because... well really the word needs to be ofuro, with water so hot you could prepare a lobster for dinner. A western 'Bath' doesn't come near to approaching the experience. Bliss. 

Bazooka: Because... Bang! Boom! More Power! (You ever shoot one? Heh!) 

Biloxi: Because "Down around Biloxi / Pretty girls are swimmin' in the sea / They all look like sisters in the ocean / Boy will fill his pale with salty water / And the storms will blow from off towards New Orleans" and Jesse Winchester wrote it and Jimmy Buffett (amongst others) sang it. 

Banjo: Because Banjo Patterson, eh cobber? "The Man From Snowy River." "Clancy of the Overflow." I won't even mention the one everybody knows, because there's so much more. 

Behemoth: Because "Eeets so beeeg! Eeets chust so beeeeeg!" (Geek points to whoever recognizes the quote. marjai I give you yours already.) 

Brazil: Because... Information: The Key to Prosperity 

Bojemoi: Because. Just because. Well, OK. In my minds eye, whenever I hear that word, I see the simultanious flash of a rectangle of man-made asteroids lighting up the planet Earth viewed from the Moon. No bang. No boom. Just... FLASH

okay....If you’d like to play, leave a comment. I’ll give you a letter. Then you post ten words beginning with that letter in your journal and explain why you chose that word and its importance.
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