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It is the weekend again; I slept in, if one may call getting out of bed around 06:30 sleeping in. Since this is about an hour later than weekdays, I call it sleeping in. Been bouncing around LJ the past hour or so, doing something I've not made much time for in a bit. To whit, looking at "friends of friends" and reading outside the usual list.

Herself installed and activated some more electric fence in the horse paddock; it will need more attention for the purpose she's stating (put the goats in there long enough to repair-refurbish-replace fencing in the West Paddock), primarily because it looks as if the goats are less impressed with the type of electric fencing than other critters. Sage & Stormy were leaving the fence be the first 24 hours the charger was connected, but yesterday morning on my way out (foggy, early, not real clear vision) it looked like two horses in that corner of the East Paddock.

It was; they'd somehow gotten through one section which needed another post for support, but in the process received enough of a jolt that they were keeping well clear of the white tape. Herself told me she didn't notice at first, until the Horses acted unusually in getting over to the feeding spot. It seemed pretty obvious they were nerving themselves up for something, then sidled, trotted, and leaped near the gate before running over to the feedspot. That's when she checked and found the tape drooping. Following re-hanging and re-tensioning of the tape, including an additional post to support the span, the Horses are leaving at least a half-horse-length span between themselves and the White Tape.

So today, continue the outside cleanup. It's time for the dump run; there's a bit to haul off of the back porch of Studio 318, thus clearing the way to remove the old, dead freezers. With those out of the way, it will be time (as soon as Uncle Irs comes through) to place a new freezer, then thaw, unload, defrost, and move the old freezer. With two freezers available, it will be time to enact enforced retirement for some of the few hogs remaining on the Ranch.

Yum, sausage, and pork chops, and ham! Ribs!

What? This ain't no petting zoo.
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