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Got everyone taken care of this morning before and so Herself could hie on down the road to an SCA demo/Meet and Greet with some folk that are looking to form a new shire in Leesburg. I'll know more later, because she's on the way home now and should be back soon.

Was going to do a dump run today. Wound up taking a nap instead. Guess I needed that.

Gave Houdini a bit of a washup and trimmed the matted fur around where he hurt his tail, so I could do a better exam. He did scrape some skin off, but it's drying out now that it's exposed. He didn't like the spray topical antibiotic that R uses on the critters as needed... but he put up with it. And, he's wagging his tail again, enough that we know he's got use of it. I expect it still hurts some.

We've pointedly not been commenting about his tail's appearance just now. One would think there was more physical structure under that fur. It's not a lot bigger around than my thumb where he hurt himself.

Time for me to clean up now.

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