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New Laptop

Purchased the new laptop yesterday on the way home from work. Despite my inclination towards "smaller is better" I did not buy one which matches the old one in physical size. Seems the trend in laptops these days is that smaller is also way more expensive...

At any rate, it is a Gateway MS6455, AMD cpu, 1 Gb RAM, 120 Gb HD, and a 15" screen. Which will help in that it's likely to be a continuing thing that the laptop serves as my primary computer for a while. Meaning, of course, all my photography work gets done on the laptop. So that bigger screen will come in for something.

It is not, quite yet, up to 100% functional. First of all, I need to load antivirus software. Oh, yes, it comes with a "free trial" of McAfee. On the other hand, I'm less than impressed with McAfee these days (being something of an old fan as it were), and extremely less than impressed with Symantec's Norton Antivirus. So I'm going with AVG.

Then we get into the other software I use. And the data transfers (already some work done on that, in terms of getting ready). But I anticipate being up and going in relatively short order.

At which point, the old laptop (still servicable, just acting a bit flaky which I'm not totally convinced isn't a need to re-format, and re-install software due to Micro Shaft Garbage Accumulation (hmm, a new acronym? MSGA... not to be confused with another bit of garbage, MSG) will undergo said re-formatting of hard drive, and re-installation of W2K, and a smaller software package including the application for Herself's Husqavarna (did I spell that correctly?) and her sewing business.

I needs me a geeky icon, I does. Maybe I'll use the old laptop for that one photo idea first...
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