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Yet Another 5 Questions LJ Interview

This round provided by snookum.

1) What is the funniest thing you had ever had to deal with as a medical professional?

I am going to presume you are not asking about funny things to do with patients, because those I can not talk about. However: Being Also a Rancher, and Familiar with the Care & Disposition of Livestock which are Changing Their Occupation to Meat.

There is a surgeon I work with who enjoys the fine art of punning quite as much as I do. Being aware that I raise goats on our ranch, he is often want to ask me, "How's the kids?"

Arriving in his OR one day to provide a lunch break for the circulating nurse, I found the anesthesia resident busy underneath the surgical drape known as the "ether screen" even though we usually do not use ether any longer. The good Doctor immediately asked me the usual question, and the conversation went like this:

Doc: How's the kids?
Me: Well, Doc, we've a couple fewer than last week.
Doc: What happened?
Me: About a month back, they started jumping the fence to the neighbor's place. Wouldn't bother me that much, but they first pushed the fence down to make it easier, and kept doing this when I repaired it. Now, I've been telling them Do Not Jump The Fence, and This Behavior Will Have Dire Consequences. They just kept doing it.
Doc: So what did you do?
Me: I shot them. (Doc didn't miss a beat.)
Doc: And then?
Me: We ate them.
Doc: Any more discipline problems with the rest of them?
Me: Nope.

The anesthesia resident nearly destroyed the sterile field he stood up so fast, eye's bugging out at me in horrified disbelief at what he'd heard.

2) What is your Favorite thing, that you can mention in public, about being at Renaissance Faire(s)?

People-watching! This is one of my most favorite hobbies.

3) If you had to chance to pursue any professional career, what would you choose?

Well, I'm quite happy pursuing two at the moment, one being Nursing and the next being Photography. Both are very rewarding, though one might wish the financial remuneration could be better. Since I'm reading this question to imply something other than what I'm doing, though, I would say Pilot.

4) Why that career (ref #3)

I enjoy flying. Before I discovered my Unique Means of Visualizing Colors, it was my intention to become a commercial pilot. Normal color vision, as defined by society, is a requirement for that profession.

5) What is your most challenging issue with your photography?

Learning how to publicly display, and thereby sell my work. I labor under no illusion that I shall become independently wealthy through my art, but I do want to put it out for the public to see. Timewise, the fact that I'm still practicing Nursing full-time does put a small crimp into this pursuit.

I should like to take this chance to thank you for this opportunity.

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