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More Geekitude

There comes the time in any new computer setup when the software is mostly there, and it's time to migrate data. We're just about there. Right now both laptops are buzzing away. Venerable Old Laptop is busy ZIPping some files onto the external HD. That will be pretty much an all day process. New Laptop is busy connecting me to the Internet, and yes the new modem is providing a somewhat faster connection. 37.3 Kbps in fact. Cruising right along as it were.

On a minor note, I'll also be doing a final inventory of the software I loaded on Venerable Old Laptop to decide which if any more apps need to migrate. All very boring.

Note To Geek Friends: still waiting for suggestions for ghosting software. I really would like to ghost this HD before migrating data files onto it.

Herself is off to TMT (SCA event) for the weekend. I'm heading out shortly to go feed the critters, or at least some of the critters, then loading up either Houdini or Mamma Mudge and a big cooler for a trip to Newberry Cold Storage to bring home Piggie Parts. My vegetarian acquaintences need not ask.

Later today I'll be working over in Studio 318; maybe getting in some photography but mostly doing physical plant things. Getting the back room situated as a work room/office for now. Even without phone or other network connections over there, I figure to set up to do the majority of digitising photography work in that location, so the scanner will be moving sometime today.
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