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Today. Hot. Yes. Finished up with outdoor things by about 11:00 and didn't do any more outdoors for some time. Other than walk between buildings, that is. Houdini went with me to Studio 318 (all 120 feet of commute; he says he enjoyed the car ride to Newberry Cold Storage more). Shelves and a desk surface are now suspended from the wall with the heavy-duty shelving system. I've been using this in the current home office for several years now, it's quite satisfactory.

However, turns out I'd left two windows open in that room. No big deal right now even at night, as it's cooling off quite nicely. But it did contribute to a warm experience even working indoors on that project. So I stopped after getting things mounted. I'll move the things around which need moving tomorrow.

Tonight, pot roast from crock pot which my sweetie left for me.

Tags: home, ranch, studio 318

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