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We Are Very Happy Here

Why is it that all the things the Employees of Major Software Vendor tested, worked? And the things that I tested... ran into snags of some sort? Please note, somewhat rhetorical in nature, those questions. Their tested so far involved the Scheduler side of our system, and some if the pass-through to the Anesthesia side of the software. My testing involves either/both the background database aspects, and the Clinical Documentation aspects.

There's a method to my madness, which I'm sure my nursing colleagues who read this and also to nursing related IT will be smiling and nodding about right now. When I get into the actual ClinDoc application, 98% of the work is from sort of invisible background: drop-down lists for single-item selection, multiple selection lists, radio button either/or/orelse, tickee boxes, and such all need to have those values already existing in the background database.

So I went into the database maintenance apps, and the Pathway Manager apps, and lo and behold... lookeeehere, here's some problems we had the last time we upgraded the build of the upgrade of the beta, and here, here are some brand, spankin' shiny new problems.

What's that you say, Employee of Major Software Vendor? Can I test ClinDoc without this? Uh, NO!

Though I will make allowances for your not being from a "clinical" background, this still boggles me mind. You are vending a clinical application.

I smell beer in the near future this evening.

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