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Not a tomato product.

Up relatively early; did sleep in a bit. Out the door by 08:45 as there was a chore to do before it got too hot. Delayed a bit on starting that chore because Houdini opted to go for a short walkabout. Loaded up Mamma Mudge in the pickup and turned left instead of right onto the road. Picked up Houdini at the north-west corner of our next-door neighbor's property.

Then we did go to the dump. And emptied out the loaded pickup truck. Then we did come home, and pause on the way in to feed teh Horses, Goats, Hogs, and Cows (in that order). Then reclaimed the pickup, left parked in the shade of a tree, and backed up to the porch of Studio 318 to re-load the pickup.

The dogs didn't get to go on the second dump run. The thermometer on the back porch of Studio was tipping 90 F and that's in the shade of the big TwinOak behind the building. Forrest Nissan Pickup does have air... the traditional 3-50 air. Much too warm in a paused truck in the sunlight unloading garbage cans and emptying them.

However, getting help from a Border Collie to organize a few more things in Studio is good, and there is AC in Studio. The wall-cleats for the mat board storage are cut, and the last set of shelf brackets to set up the office desk-space are mounted. Tomorrow will be mounting the cleats, possibly cutting the side board from on-hand ply and mounting those cleats, and possibly going into town to purchase the rest of the needed ply. That last, we'll see.

Right now, I'm tired. I believe it's off to bed. Early, I know, but there's more to do tomorrow, outside, before the heat.

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