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Well, It's Been Real

Sort of a laid-back weekend but not really. Yesterday morning started off pretty much as planned. Houdini, Mudge, and I wandered out to feed everybody (I'd take all the dogs with me but truth be told, Smudge & Squrrl aren't so much with the obedience work off-lead and I get concerned about them wandering off, being curious fellows and all). Discovered that Saturday I'd be making a run to Fortner's Feed for 10% Cow, that wonderful gourmet dining experience which bovines swear by. Or at. Finished up the feeding part of the day while it was still fairly cool but getting hot; call it 09:30 ish.

Left the dogs to home because, well, the pickup air conditioning consists of 3 windows and 50 MPH. Sit still (and there's no shade at Fortner's for the loading zone), and it gets HOT in there. Cools off OK with motion, but still I get hot and I won't do that to the dogs. Got back to the ranch and opened the Road Gate (we've been keeping it closed for two reasons: 1st the goat-brains enlarged a hole in their paddock fence and rather than run the chance of injury due to fencing wire, we've been leaving their gate open and Road Gate closed; and 2nd Herself tells me various and sundry unknowns have been driving up our road and back out again when they get there, what it looks like maybe it's a county road? not so much... they don't do this on the w/e when I'm here. Maybe because of the 12 Ga pump I'm carrying?) fell off the hinges.

OK, so the bottom hinge fell off the gate; the top hinge pin points down so that bovinebrains can't lift the gate off the hinges if they get out of their paddock. Still.

So I parked the truck in the shade of a young-ish oak next to our road, walked back and figured out that the bottom hinge had pulled the mounting screw through the bottom rail. See, this gate is fairly old (oh, near 15 years) and we're now using the opposite end to hang the hinges from when we originally hung it, and we've had some enough wind in storms (like, say the Month of Storms in '04) that has actually torqued the gate off the hinges. So the bottom screw wore through the hole. No worries, a couple fender washers will provide sufficient surface area for the system to work again.

Only, the pickup won't start. It'll turn (once) and sieze. This could be one of two things. The starter motor is going (possible; it's been replaced once, but I think that was about 60,000 miles back), or the battery isn't holding a charge well. More probably the latter though with the truck running you'd think it would be fairly well charged. See, the past couple weeks, the brake lights started flashing at us. No body in the truck stepping on the pedal, but the lights are flashing on (5 seconds or so) off (5 seconds or so). And Tuesday after the big rain from Alberto on Monday, they stopped flashing and just stayed on. Battery charge dropped (been on a long time?), needed to hook it up to the charger. OK, keep an eye on the battery because once stressed that way most automobile batteries suffer micro damage which affects how well they'll hold a charge.

So up to the house to get the Subaru, and go out to jump the truck. He's too far from the Studio (building closest to the road with power) to run an extension cord and use the charger. (The Studio and House are nearly a quarter mile from the road. We like it that way. Used to be a dirt road, lots of dust. It all settled to the ground before it got to us.) Little red GasolinePump light comes on. OK, need to go get petrol; don't know why I didn't do that Friday on the way home, except that I was getting home late as is. Whatever, we get the truck started do Houdini and I, then shut down Subaru, go unload the 10% Cow, and park the truck by Studio so we can put the battery on the charger PRN.

Then deal with a pouty-tailed Houdini when I head back out to get petrol, Pepsi, and washers (didn't have any in stock) and he can't come with me because I'll need to stop three times, no shade, and can't leave the Subaru running with the AC. Doesn't take long, back to the ranch, tools in the Subaru and I re-hang the gate. Hot. It's now about 14:00 and it's hot, and the gate has no shade.

Up to the house, unload the Pepsi, take a tepid shower. Well, first hot then tepid. Hot cleans me off. Tepid to cool down. It was that hot. I felt that hot.

Sat to watch the tube for a bit; some things on the Tivo. Face feeling hot and flushed, and I'm thinking wow, must have got more sun that I'd thought. Then I start feeling chilled. Um, what's up with this. Checked my temp; low grade fever. Wow.

So I got into bed, under the light quilt we're got on it now, and slept until 21:00 wandering in and out of delirium dreams. Got up then because I was hungry, Herself made us ramen (just ramen, nothing fancy, and it tasted great!), started sweating, and went back to bed.

Today I feel fine. WTF? Finished up some work I needed to submit to AORN, and some other odds and ends but nothing in Studio. I need to go buy plywood for that, and I want the truck in better operating shape for that. Now I should do some book-keeping, and it's about time to go feed the Boys and Mamma Mudge.
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