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So here it is Sunday. Relatively quiet, within limits.

I mean, there's eight cats (counting the nearly eight-week-old four who desparately want another home but don't know it yet) wandering around the house and aggravating both SWMBO & myself. Well, not totally. There are the amusing parts too. But they did get into something last night we'd have preferred they didn't, namely kid milk replacer powder. Big mess.

Not to mention the ever-helpful kittens supervising the process of cleaning out their box. Oi, yes, that was a fun experience. For all of us.

Then there's finishing the laundry and folding stuff; though that's in part one of the routine parts of life. Today it's somewhat more pertinant because soon I must start packing. I am off to the Big D tomorrow morning on Someone Else's Ticket, to present three times on two subjects at a week-long conference held by the vender of the computer system I work with at hospital; something of a run-on sentence, I know.

I'm both looking forward to, and somewhat aprehensive about, this trip. Looking forward to it because I enjoy making these presentations. They do look good on one's resume or curiculum vitae, which ever. I am looking forward to it also because there are a few presentations which I am planning to attend because the topics look interesting, hopefully helpful. And I am looking forward to it because it is, after all, travel on someone else's ticket (even though I do some work, so it could be argued it's my ticket... ).

Unlike previous trips, I've not planned a lot of time into this one for photography. In fact, I've not planned time for photography at all, other than what I may be able to accomplish using the point & shoot Coolpix digital. Since this is one of the purposes for purchasing a small P&S digicam, I am planning on packing it along. That, and to see what I may bring home with it.

I'm somewhat apprehensive about this trip because we are not done with hurricane season yet, there's a tropical storm sitting relatively close (as these things go) offshore to the east, and it's still anyone's guess what it will do in three to five days. Latest postings on the National Hurricane Center website provide some info that Jeanne could regain hurricane strength by Wednesday. But the projections are also showing it going in circles. Though the last direction on the circle it's pointed in is toward Florida.

Which could make getting home Friday an interesting proposition.

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