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So, what am I doing this week?

You might ask. Then again, you might not, so it's

Mon, September 20, 2004 11:37:33
Somewhere, Late, Over America
Arrived in Atlanta in plenty time, only to experience delay leaving. First, the incoming flight from Melbourne arrived late. Then a wait for the crew. Boarding started, only to be paused because the flight crew were still in their other aircraft, on the ground but across the airport. I glanced at my Palm shortly after take-off at 11:02.

Mon, September 20, 2004 14:52:15 (13:52:15 CDT)
Wyndham Anatole, Dallas
Arrived without much ado, though I will state I do not recall DFW airport to be quite so... confusing? Then again, it's been eight years since my last trip to Dallas. There is construction going on (but then, what large airport is ever construction free? Well, Denver this year was pretty calm), yet still the road system there is a series of twists, underpasses, overpasses, single lanes, and I am glad I didn't need to drive through it.

Checked in with the hotel, checked in with GE. I must double-check on one thing, however, as the hotel receptionist is under the impression I am paying for this room. I, on the other hand, am under the impression that as a sponsored speaker GE Healthcare is paying for the room and I am paying for incidentals. This will be put to certainty simply by checking in with the GE folks again.

Mon, September 20, 2004 16:59:47 (15:59:47 CDT)
High Speed Internet

Well, it's available for approximately $11 per night in the room. There is also wireless access available; however, it wants an access code to connect me to the Internet, which I don't have, so I'm not connected. Oh well. However, there is hope. I figure four days (maybe only three) direct connection to the Internet will run me $33 to $44 dollars, and I've calculated 60 minutes a day, direct dial to the 800 AT&T Worldnet number, plus the fee to connect to the phone network on behalf of the hotel, will run me about the same.

Mon, September 20, 2004 18:19:09 (17:19:09 CDT)
Decided, for Today
I used dial-up.

I went to register for Windham By Request, which is a means to an end for free high-speed internet. I suspect I'll discover some catch to it beyond the one I've already run into. That is, to whit, when I tried to register, I received a message that the e-mail address I submitted is already in use by another profile.

Who dat? I don't remember registering as a Windham preferred customer. I wonder if it happened during the registration for this event, and I don't know it yet?

Tue, September 21, 2004 07:40:52 (06:40:52 CDT)
Sixth Floor Museum
The entity which owns the museum is expanding; they also own, and renovated, the seventh floor now. It has some displays, and is where the reception, drinks, and food was held before we went downstairs to the museum itself.

For anyone who hasn't been: the Sixth Floor Museum is a museum display about John F. Kennedy's presidency, ending in his assassination on November 22, 1963. Most of the sixth floor of the old Texas Book Repository now consists of photos, posters, models, and video presentations. Two corners are ‘preserved' behind glass: the ‘sniper's nest' and the opposite corner where the Manlicher rifle was found.

This trip is/was my third to this museum. The last time I came to Dallas (March 2001) I spent the day photographing in and around Dealy Plaza, which the building sits on the corner. Cameras are not allowed into the museum proper.

I am not going into the whole conspiracy thing. For me, it is sufficient that JFK is dead, and he was assassinated. It matters little to me about details anymore. There is one thing which I am personally positive about, for many reasons.

One my father would understand, as it is analytical. I've learned how to shoot firearms, learned how on a .22 rifle and graduated to a 30.06, later qualifying on the M-16 and owning my own 7 mm rifle. I've been to Dealy Plaza and this museum. Dealy Plaza is small; the entirety of it would fit within one of my two goat paddocks on the ranch, something less than 5 acres and I think only around 3 acres. The entirety of it. The distance from the sixth floor corner window believed to be the ‘sniper's nest' to the points of bullet impact marked on Elm Street is, I think, something around 100 yards.

Anyone who learned to fire a rifle may tell you; that is not a difficult range for a high-powered rifle. That position is prime for what it is believed it was used for. Regardless of how many shooters you believe were involved, I believe one was in that corner. For the purposes of that plan, this position could not be discarded.

The other reason, I am not sure my father would understand, but my mother probably would. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I approach that glassed-in display. My spine rings with an icy calm chill, a feeling I've also experienced whenever I've been involved in a cardiac arrest and particularly those when the patient did not live. It is a calmness which comes through training, purpose, intent. Regardless of how many shooters you believe were involved, I know one was in that corner.

Tue, September 21, 2004 18:59:42 (17:59:42 CDT)
One down, two to go. Quick summary: went well.

And that is a brief summary of my first 36 hours in Dallas on this go-around.

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