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So today is maybe a bit more "poke-able." Things are, well, still work but it's the stuff I need to be doing getting ready for weekend upgrade of Major Software Vendor's product. K.

Yesterday morning on the drive in, I'm looking at this gorgeous sky and thinking this is why I am looking forward to being more a full-time photographer. The sun not quite yet up over the horizon, but nearly so. High cirrus/nimbus type clouds, otherwise severe clear, morning sunrise colours on the clouds, and a single cumulo-nimbus cloud rising up to meet them, casting it's shadow on all of the cirrus/nimbus to the west, a swath-path of darker cloud hiding from the rising sun.

Today, not so much. Clear skys, yes, pre-dawn light, yes, but all high cirrus clouds, no cumulo-nimbus climbing up to carress them with dawnshadow.

Hmm, there's a poem in that...

sunrise cirrus cloud
cumulo-nimbus summer
dawnshadow carress
Tags: photography, work

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