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Thu, September 23, 2004 14:10:37
Waiting for the Afternoon, GE Day, to Start
Joe says it always gets started late. I find it interesting the similarity between conventions/meetings/group gatherings such as this one. There is music playing, the crowd is milling to find seats, the lightshow on the stage backdrop is spinning (subtle, probably no one will become motion sick), and the atmosphere reminds me so strongly of AORN Congress... except I'm the only one out dancing in the aisle.

Or I was dancing, until I sat down to write this. It's just as good a use of the time as dancing, in one way. I'm recording thoughts, comparing experiences. Somehow, though, dancing seems like more fun.

Checked the weather site before the meeting started. Seems that Ivan is once again pointing my way, and will be in Texas by 07:00 tomorrow, though perhaps not as far over as Dallas. There may be problems getting out of DFW airport. I expect no problems getting in to Gainesville if I do leave DFW. But then, Jeanne is now heading toward the Atlantic Florida Coast, within the zone of probability. If I gave any great credence to the line in the middle of the cone, it will kiss the shoreline a bit north of West Palm/Ft. Pierce down there where Frances kissed us. What's humorous about that is, the projection has a turn north in it... and the line makes that right turn abruptly at the shoreline.

So, do I have "Hurricane Magnet" written on my back?

Thu, September 23, 2004 18:39:42 (17:39.42 CDT)
Thursday Last Session

Well, here at the big technology conference it's good to know that personable speakers might find employment. I've heard Connie Podesta speak several times before; always at AORN Congress. One thinks perhaps that since nurses seem more personable (though taken on an individual basis, are really much like everyone or anyone else) they would be more likely to look for speakers in her particular vein.

If you ever get a chance to hear her, do.

And now, it's time to go change clothes and go to a party. A before the storm party.


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