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So today we are off to Deltona to pick up the last of the items which Herself is bringing home from Mother Mary's house. We've got a u-haul rental to pick up down there, and plan for a single day turn-around. Even so, I figure to bring Houdini with us; forecast is for thunderstorms here, and we know what will happen if he is alone.

Gimpy Longears, the doe goat who was attacked by coyote/dog, appears to be in the early stages of tetanus. Herself hit her with some pennicilin this morning. She was quite fine yesterday evening. She's separated from the herd again, in 'hospital' up by the house, well shaded and watered. We'll see.

Now, if I can just find my dog. Houdini! Where are you, huh?
Tags: family, ranch

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