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Shire Birfumdays

We did an open house on Saturday for members of the Shire that Herself plays in, as well as members of an incipient Shire she's been helping. Quite a bit of fun (if low key for me), and while I didn't get any time in Studio to either clean things up or work in office I did enjoy myself. Pot luck for lunch, and since it was neither an official nor unofficial revel, no garb, no period food, just bring something.

Speaking of garb, while wearing such wasn't part of the day, I did do an impromptu Japanese Clothing lesson. I say clothing as opposed to costume because (chaosloki, recall this conversation?) what I've made over the years qualifies as clothing rather than costume. With few exceptions that I know of, theatrical (I'll make a leap here and include cinematic) costume is primarily designed to survive the duration of the production, with quickie solutions to various problems like unravelling hems and seams. Apparently one of the key points discovered by the people examining what I'd made are the details like finished seams (either rolled & stitched down, or later when Herself acquired the machine, serged).

Houdini joined us in the late afternoon, since thunderstorms threatened. Indeed, we did get a bit of rain. And the youngsters that came, well most of them, had brought out a doe goat a few months back as part of a 4-H project, trying to get her bred and she isn't, they were trying to catch her to take her home. Herself and I enjoyed a good laugh over that. The goats lately are free-ranging on our place, not contained within their paddock (couple of reasons, neighbor dog being one of them), and they don't stand still to be caught. We generally do our catching at feed time, as they're used to us moving through the herd while they're eating. We add to that by touching as we move, sometimes firmly, sometimes lightly, and always enough that at feeding time they're used to humans being close.

They're not used to humans being close at other times, and the chase proved both entertaining and unsuccessful; their doe is still with our herd.

Sunday much quieter at home. The usual morning rounds, fed everyone out there, then started some laundry and did spend time in Studio, primarily in the office. Moved over the film storage units; Herself says that needs some re-thinking, because the tubs are too heavy. They're weather-resistant, since all the film is packed/packaged for packing if we need to evacuate in a hurry (either fire or storm). Some of that weight may be eliminated by my going through the works and 'sleeving' a lot of the film. Currently it's still in rolls, in long sleeves, and in small boxes to protect it from crushing. I'm a bit fussy on how my film gets trimmed and stored. Can you say, "Archival?" Sure, I knew you could.

Also spent time sorting through digitised images, getting to know the copy of ACDSee I've got. Not quite as versitile as Adobe Photoshop Elements for cataloging (can make all the new Albums one wants, but not so much Catagories, though sub-Catagories there is apparently no limit), nor have I hit a limit as I did in Photoshop Elements. Final decision is still up in the air. I do like having a thumbnail (and easily available larger) view for the reference, something I probably could emulate using Paradox (my relational database management system of choice over Access). It's nice not needing to re-create that wheel, though, particularly since it's available.

Knocked that off (along with doing laundry) around 17:00, well maybe a bit earlier because I helped Herself re-arrange a few things in the kitchen of the Big House. Specifically, I helped by moving about a dozen empty beer bottles up onto the shelf she designated for same (a display of various and sundry beers I've sampled over time, most because they are quite good, a few with a wee note that says "Never Again"), and bringing down from same shelf some bottles she needs for decanting home-made mead.

Then we cleaned up and off we went to treat Herself to her birthday dinner. Visited one of our favorite franchise places, Carrabba's. Our humble opinion is that the food is tastier here than at That Other Italian Franchise Place. Not that That Other Italian Franchise Place makes bad food, only that it's... bland. Anyway, unusual for us we both ordered the same entree, Sirloin Marsala. Great sauce on it, including mushrooms (one may never have enough mushrooms). Herself ordered the green beans side (sorry, didn't pay much attention to the specific name for the entree), and I the garlic mashed potatoes. Prior to the main dish, I enjoyed their Lentil and Italian Sausage soup while Herself consumed a house salad with their house Italian dressing (on the side).

We did not need to inform them about birthdate aspects, as while we enjoyed their custom five other tables were seranaded with the Carrabba's version of 'Happy Birthday', one of them being only two tables over. We did, though, order and enjoy a tiramisu as a birthday cake for dessert.

Then back home, to feed teh Horses and the Border Collie Bros and Mamma Mudge, plus the Kittens of the Apocalypse and their older sibling Ras Mewson and their terror, Mary Kitty.

All in all, quite a pleasant weekend.
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