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General Meanderings

'Tenshun! Oh, yeah, never mind. Not a Federally Subsidised Tourist anymore, don't need to stand when the General enters. Even if it is Meanderings.

You ever try to pronounce user names? I don't mean the ones you'll find here on LJ so much, those are mostly pretty straight forward. Well, every now and again you'll find odd 'words' as it were, but mostly madshutterbug pretty much sounds out as Mad Shutter Bug. Yah.

I'm talking about the ones that, say, your employer gives you for the internal e-mail system or even logging in to your network. The ones that make you go crosseyed and try to pronounce mcgreqz or jonesht. Add in names for legal (because, yannoh, Hospital won't employ ill-egal) aliens and it gets even more fun: gzhrztt and zhianow and wow, these words just start sounding really... wierd.

Now before you get all offended about this I will gently remind you that wordplay is one of my listed interests. Words are like the best toys because they really are free. Well, until you start mispronouncing someone's name converted to gibberish and they take offense to that. Then you probably need to be able to do a Houdini like Houdini.

Herself will be unhappy today, at least for a wee bit, if I tell her that several states in India have banned PepsiCo products. They've also banned Coke products, so it's not like one of the wins. Evidently the locals are worried about levels of pesticides in the water used to manufacture the soft drinks. What, they don't want to drink killbug juice? Go figure. Hmm.

One of my Flist (Rlist, Plist, Klist, whatever works for you and if you really want it I'll spell out the RPK and such) people posted something about a high-school kid calling bloggers loosers; not a lot of detail here and it's a locked post so I don't feel free to link to it but yeah, we're loosers. On the other hand, apparently a reputible news source seems to think that bloggers provided a particularly noticable effect in a primary election. Wow. Loosers making Loosers! Wooong!

I learned that word on a blog. Wooong! That one, yeah. Learned it on a blog. Now, the question is, did I use it correctly? Or, does it matter since language is a living, breathing, mutating organism?

And floppy disks. Like, I remember when they really were floppy, before they got encased in plastic sleeves with slots so the read/write heads could access them, and they were like 30 cm in diameter. Now, who uses them? Well, some people do, but mostly anymore what you're going to see is people sharing thumb-drives and memory sticks around. So what are all those old floppies good for? Skeet? At least the clay skeet are somewhat bio-degradable.

OK, At Ease, Stand Easy. I think that's enough meandering for now.

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