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Major Nu Tankage Seen At Teh Ranch. Film At Eleven

OK, so now we've got some consistent, serious water pressure at the Ranch. Saturday installed a second replacement tank; no the one installed recently didn't fail. The older on also in line failed. Now we've got two matching tanks again, for a pleasant 172 US gallon holding capacity. Pump runs for like 10 minutes when it comes on, and also comes on way less frequently. Two big blue bulbous things.

We had the two smaller tanks in line to try to increase capacity; I suspect we should have jumped size way back when. So it goes.

Then following that I put in Herself's new kitchen sink faucet. Tight space for manipulating wrenches to connect the water lines and other items. Not fun, but use a small wrench and it works. Only problem was, under the counter here is where Herself stores a lot of cleaning fluids, and I started getting nauseated while working. Came out, caught my breath, started back in and nausea came back. WTF? Looked again... oh, yeah, and a couple old packets of anti-rat/mice stuff. Herself cleaned that out while I took a longer break, then spent 10 minutes finishing up. Now she's happy.

Sunday I loaded the mat boards into the new storage place, did an informal inventory. Didn't add it up at the end, though, because I was well and truly tired and my back ached. That's a lot of paper product! Lay down to stretch my back in the studio room, and whoosh there's a Border Collie laying down right next to me. Stretched, then just lay there a bit. Herself came in shortly after and started laughing; Houdini and I both laying on our backs side by side.

Today, lots of fun at Hospital with Citrix, which the IT department upgraded over the weekend. I missed the agony of the upgrade, but not the aftermath. Feh.

Almost time to go home. Maybe. Possibly.

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