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Yesterday Herself and I headed down the road into Gainesville (well, OK, almost into Gainesville) and Kanapaha Botanical Gardens for a bit of Us time and some photography. She's been using and enjoying the CoolPix point-and-shoot but bemoaning that her venerable Canon AE-1 died last year. They are work-horse cameras are the AE-1's as well as their next generation the AE-1 Program 35mm SLR's, and we've both taken a lot of really good photos using hers.

A brief aside, my brother left his old AE-1 and some lenses when he moved onto the Sailing Vessel North Star full-time; he'd gotten a Canon high-end digital point-and-shoot as fitting into their lifestyle better. So we also have some additional glass to use with that old AE-1 of Herself's... because his old AE-1 body had died as well. Specifically, in both of them, the electronic brain died. Once that's gone; well, even trying to kick the beast into manual isn't going to happen. Alas.

So we'd recently been talking about that, and the resources represented, and she'd commented she missed using her 35mm now that she doesn't have one. And I said, Well, actually, there is one available. My Nikon FE2. And plenty glass as well. After all, while it's nice having the versatility of multiple lenses, one still uses only one lens at a time.

The purpose is to decide; focus (yup, pun intended) on the Nikon equipment and standardise a bit, or go with the experience/operability of the AE-1 and shop around for a replacement body. They're out there, even though Canon stopped making them around 1987. So are other lenses, and those are also sought after for the FD mount, since Canon switched to the EOS mount when they discontinued the AE line. (Unlike Nikon, which stayed with the same mounting system since introducing interchangable SLR lenses, which means all the old Nikon/Nikkor glass will work with newer bodies. The photographer may need to know how to use the camera manually rather than automated, eh? It will work.)

Thus two rolls of 24 exposed yesterday, along with my work using the D70s. In both instances you (and ourselves, for that matter) get to wait, though. The film goes to the lab today. The digital work I shot in RAW (Nikon calls the file format NEF), so it needs some work before I can post it. Which of course runs into the other time-related problem I've always got with photography. Too many other things demanding my time. Eh.

It was a good day, despite being chased out of one portion of the Gardens by ravenous mosquitos. On our way out, we spotted where the Gardens provide mosquito repellant for their guests (just please put it on outdoors), so Duh. We also faced the boo-boo faces of both Mamma Mudge and Houdini (Smudge & Squrrl were not in line of sight) as we loaded up the car. Their philosophical positions proved to on some foundation, as Kanapaha does allow dogs we learned; just please keep them on lead. Particularly in the water garden areas, as there are alligators in those ponds.
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