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Puget Sound Where

Puget Sound Where
Puget Sound Where,
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Each year for the past three, I've been invited to the Washington State Council of Perioperative Nurses, a state group of my professional association. I nearly always try to build some photography time into these trips; this is a series of shots from that trip. This first one is of one of those handy 'informational' map-signs the park services put up. "You Are Here."

Remember, click on the thumbnail for the larger versions...

Puget Sound
Puget Sound,
originally uploaded by Mad Shutter-bug.
I left my hotel after breakfast and doing some organizing from previous day's business & photos, and drove to the west looking for lunch and photo-ops. Following lunch, I found this small state park; this is the view across the Sound.

Pretty much only myself wandered the park that day. One fellow walked his dog along the shoreline, and another couple came and sat in their car. There's an area for camping back away from the beach, and some folk were there. Otherwise... could well be off in the wilderness.

Rock, Puget Sound Beach
Rock, Puget Sound Beach,
originally uploaded by Mad Shutter-bug.
Strolling along the gravel/sand wasn't so bad, but crambling along the rocks became interesting.

However, turning to the south, toward Tacoma, it became pretty obvious this location isn't off in the wilderness after all, but in an area fairly well populated.

Why the note now? Oh, just wanting to get some work up on the Internet Place.
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