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Well, That Was Interesting

Right, then, up at Oh-Dark-Hundred, a wee bit of checking the 'Net (primarily for weather, despite having the Fabulous Weather Channel on hotel TV), shower, shave, dress, out the door and off to the airport. Still drove around the loop. Gah. I remember Orlando's airport when it was SMALL, dammit! Anyway, got into the rental car drop off and dropped off, got my ticket, and (surprise, surprise, surprise) easily through the security inspection.

Easily. WTF? Previous times, one or both bags (camera bag, chock full of photography equipment; roller carry on with clothing, computer, and accessories) required being opened and inspected due to the plethora of wires and junk inside. Not this time. Cruizin'...

Hop the airport not quite a monorail and off to the terminal, there to spend entirely excessive amounts of money on an egg and cheese thing from the BurrGerr Monarch, and also some bottled water, and then wait for a bit before boarding. Easy boarding, even with the flight nearly full, and off the ground and into the air we go. Nice uneventful flight...

Until somewhere North of Oklahoma and West of Kansas (that being the last stated geographical reference from the Flight Deck Crew before...), and probably North and West of Denver based on subsequent actions, and one of the flight attendant announces on the PA system: If there are any health care professionals, or emergency care people on board, would you please ring your Call Light?

So of course I went and hid in the lavatory. Move along now, nothing to see, all very boring, no body died even though we did touch down (briefly) in Boise Idaho before continuing on to SeaTac. Move along now. Nobody died.

So about an hour late to SeaTac, which of course cascaded down for picking up the rental car there, and getting on the road. However, things went quite uneventfully on the road; I expected to hate Seattle traffic, having driven there before, and the experience did not prove disappointing. Once I cleared the northern 'burbs, though, got into Snohomish County, things got downright nice. This country boy felt at home again. The rest of the drive, up 522 to Highway 2, then east through Stevens Pass, Leavenworth, Wenatchee, and north along the Columbia River to Chelan went Most Excellently!

It's a great drive, because while Seattle isn't quite the Northwest Rainforest found on the Olympic Penninsula, it's a very differnt biome on That Side. Chelan, where I'm at now, is on The Other Side. Of what, you might ask? (Well, OK, there's at least four who may be reading this who aren't asking, 'cause you know.) Just this little geological barrier called The Cascades.

Approaching Stevens Pass (4081ft/1244m elevation) one is on the side of the barrier which blocks most of the moisture coming off the North West Pacific. Oh, it catches a lot of it as snow, on both sides of the peaks. And that snow melts, and provides water to The Other Side. But not a lot of rain. In rivers. So one is driving up to the pass and through heavily wooded areas, some of them quite thick and akin to that rain forrest on the Olympic Penninsula. This persists even after topping the pass and starting down again, for awhile, and then the trees...

Go Away. It may not be the Mohave, but it is dry enough to qualify as high dessert. And this, mind you, despite being a very productive agricultural area. Fruit. Orchards galore, and now vineyards as well. But look around you and you'll see brown hills, not heavily forrested if at all.

Anyway, into Chelan and Campbell's Resort by 18:10, into the room by 20 after, made a few photos... oh, did I mention? No, I didn't. Got back to my seat on Alaska Air Flight 9 after that all very boring, move along thing, to find Dredd Phredd Otter happily finishing up my snacks. The Sittle Lhit. I expect he'll have something to say about the trip, probably borrowing mini_fred's place, but I don't know. Not sure where he's at just now, wasn't here when I got back from dinner. There is a lake out there, though.

Anyway, took a few photos on the balcony of my room, Dredd & I watching sunset and dusk, and Dredd checking out the two bottles of wine, an '03 merlot and an '02 chardonnay, which are mine courtesy of the Flight Crew of Alaska Air Flight 9. I do not know what that wine is for, it was all too boring.

Then I went and ate dinner at the Second Floor Pub & Veranda. Dead Guy Ale. Garden salad with a honey somewhat thicker than vinegrette dressing, 8 oz tri-top Steak Modena on a bed of sauteed mushrooms in a balalmic demi glaze and onion straws, and a baked potato. Yum. Out on the veranda in weather cool enough that I half-zipped my vest but didn't feel obligated to roll down my sleeves.

I love this place!

But now, even though I know without a doubt that I'm in singingnettle, ihgreenman, miz_hatbox, scorched_mirth, wedschilde, and a host of other's time zone, my body says it's way late. I go bed now.
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