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Around Lake Chelan

U R Here U R Here

To give you a quick idea of the immediate area around Chelan and Lake Chelan I visited; my driving about took me along Alt-97 and ST 971 as well as in Chelan.
Dredd Good Navigator Dredd Good Navigator

Since he's got a lot of experience as a Pyrate and all, and can read a map, I tried to head off something else by assigning him this duty...
Lake Chelan along SR 971 Lake Chelan along SR 971

Stopped at a pull-out near a bluff to photograph the lake...
Lake Chelan Waters Run Clear Lake Chelan Waters Run Clear

Directly beneath me, the clear calm waters of the lake. This photo made about 10:30 AM.
Lake Chelan Dogleg Lake Chelan Dogleg

From the side of SR 971, looking back to the dog-leg the glaciers carved into the earth when forming Lake Chelan.
Do Not Let Otterz Drive! Do Not Let Otterz Drive!

Just don't.

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