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Friday. Thirteenth. Yeah, Baby

Unlike many people, today's day/date combination is not a problem. Being born on the 13th, even not a Friday that day, month, and year, does a great deal to obviate that particular... attitude.

Besides, I'm sitting here in Chelan, and every five minutes or so indulging myself by walking out to my balcony and tripping the shutter on my camera, set up to overlook the lake and the gathering dusk to night. This is one of my favorite things to do here; time sequence of either sunrise or sunset, even if I miss the exact moment of sunrise/sunset. It will probably be time to bring the camera in soon, though, as it's now telling me the light level is getting too low... at least at an ISO of 400.

Tonight it the WSCPN Halloween Costume and Pumpkin Carving Party/Contest. This is an annual event, this Mini-Congress, and this party brings with it some history; it's been going on near as long as the meeitng, so nigh onto 18 some years. I'll need to ask to verify the timing on some of that, but a long time is a safe assumption. The first time this particular party was held wasn't even here at Campbell's. In Yakima, I think it was based on recollection of friends telling the story. So here they are, finished judging the costumes and the pumpkins, and someone asks the fellow who served as the M.C. (the audience judges, based on 'applause-o-meter reactions), "What are we going to do with these pumpkins?"

And, being well and truly several sheets to the wind at the time, the fellow promptly picked up a pumpkin and hollered, "Grab one and follow me!" So they did. Right through the service door, through the hotel's kitchen, out onto the loading dock, where they proceeded to toss their pumpkins.

They're still doing it. Only now, at a place that really appreciates the spectacle. The staff at Campbell's prepare for this, they do. See, there's a pedestrian bridge across the parking lot from the guest lodges to the building with the meeting rooms (ballrooms). And just past that bridge, the parking lot slopes upwards; not steep, per se, but noticable. As the pumpkin-tossing hour approaches, staff from Campbell's go and spread a 30'x60' tarp on the parking lot on the up-slope side of the bridge. Then a horde of hollering, drunken festival-enhanced nurses and sales representatives for the companies we do business with emerge from the ground floor, climb the stairs to the bridge, and toss our pumpkins.

I'm going as a Parrothead. Easy costume to pack, eh, particularly since it comprises clothing I already own. Hmm, considering earlier rantings, then which is it, costume or clothing? Probably doesn't help that my particular start to the evening includes some 7% by volume micro-brew. Even Dredd Phredd is getting into the night. I don't know where he got it, he definitely didn't bring it with him because he didn't know about this party until we got here, but he's got a costume to wear. I'm not sure I want to ask where he got it, either.

Oh, yeah, we're probably about done with the photography; just tripped the shutter and the exposure is about a second or so. Good thing the party starts soon, eh?
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