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When Thoughts Occur

It's early; light enough that I can see the ridgeline on the opposite side of the lake but only barely. I've been getting up before the alarm goes off, probably a sign that I'm not totally on Pacific time. No worries. So I'm reading the courtesy newspaper (yesterday's) while sitting on the Throne, and the thought perculates through...

There's these two bottles of wine, courtesy of Air Alaska Flight 9 Flight Crew; one of them I'll give away as a present, but one I want to take home for Herself. And, wine being a fluid, isn't on the current carry-on list.

That's right. Forget the three ounce ruling (which these bottles exceed anyway). Forget the cork and the foil sealer. Not on the list.

Futz. Well, guess I stop at the desk and ask about shipping...

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