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Sunday Post Conference

We wrapped up on schedule, about 10:30. Check-out time from the resort is 11:00; I'm here one more night then leaving, so no hurry for me. I helped pack a few things up for some colleagues, visited a bit with another before she left, and headed back to my room to start packing a bottle of wine. Getting it ready for shipping. I don't trust it in my luggage. Not because the luggage won't be locked, but because it's soft-side luggage, a folding garment bag. I also phoned up Herself and enjoyed a good chat with her.

Then, not completely packed on the wine, my reminder for an appointment sounded. Ah, yes, to the River Room Spa for a deep, theraputic massage of nech, back, and both legs but primarily the right... and old friend, the right leg. Verified for me yesterday evening that the weather man's predictions for today were accurate.

So I straightened up a bit from the packing (the housekeeper hadn't been through yet), picked up the camera and tripod and put on my rain jacket and walked over to the River Room Spa. An hour and forty minutes later, in a state of bliss, I started a tramp about town photographing Chelan in the Rain. Some very good shots, and I should be processing rather than LJ-ing but the camera is out on the balcony again doing some more panorama's... did I mention how much I like the light here?

When I got back to the resort from the photo tramp, I first wandered up to the Veranda Pub for either a late lunch or an early dinner, take your pick. I may go get more food later, we'll see, but I didn't want food in my stomach during the massage. A good place to sit, and dry out a bit (particularly the camera), and groove on the playlist. There are aspects of the Pacific Northwest which just don't seem to exist in North Central Baja Jorja, and I don't mean the light, or the rain, or the resort. It's the attitude about Art, I think. Really good tunes, and it put me in mind of some of cmpriest's comments about working in one of the cafe house-Internet cafe places on the Other Side in Seattle. The local environment encourages it.

I could, in fact, pack up the laptop and wander back over there to do this. Or work on photos. There's wireless 'Net all over the resort, so that's good too. But I'm hanging in my room, at least for a bit, because of the photo opportunity out on my balcony.

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