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Friends of Fat Fred, Take Note

I expect all those Friends of Fat Fred who actually live with a member of the Otterz Mob won't need to see this. In fact, a few of you who've travelled to some event with Skippy and one of the Otterz Mob will be able to identify as well...

Dredd Sleeping It Off Dredd Sleeping It Off

So this is one of the first things I see on Saturday morning after the big Halloween Costume & Pumpkin Carving Contest Ball. Passed out in the chair, sliding door wide open, yup, that's an otter for a roomie!
Woke Him Up Woke Him Up

So, being the kind, considerate, thoughtful roomie I am... I woke him up. He looked out the window/door at the light and said 'Erk.'
Dredd & Friend Dredd & Friend

When we finally got over to the meeting, Dredd struck up a conversation with this guy by starting out 'You look like I feel, mon.' Yup.
NapNow NapNow

So I went into the WSCPN office to see if I could help out (didn't need to see any of the morning sessions), set my hat down, started a small project, turned around, and... yup. Dredd in Bed ZZZZZZZZ.
But, Did It End There? But, Did It End There?

Noooooooo, it did not. This was Last Night while I'm starting to pack! You puke in the car, Dredd, you're walking home.

Yup. That's about right.
Tags: fredindehead, ot-tarz, otterz, otterz mob, photography

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