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And So We Bid Chelan Adeau

Up not early, not late and putzed about the room doing various things, including checking the weather, packing a few things (had packed the big bag night before), coffee, vitamins, the usual. Not much in the way of morning balcony for a couple of reasons; the biggest being that Campbell's had a tree service out. They blocked the sidewalk below, so I figured I'd not push things on the balcony.

Ate a huge breakfast across the road from Campbell's at a local place; the Regular Stack of buttermilk pancakes. Glad I only got the regular stack! B.C. MacDonald's, people, if you ever get to Chelan you must eat there. Back to the room, finished burning a backup DVD of photos made this past week, and ran the packing checklist. Everything packed. Checked out. Drove around the corner and up the road a bit to the UPS Mailboxes place, only to discover that UPS can not ship wine for private individuals. Only winery's and wine dealers can ship wine. Getting this nice gift home is becoming complicated. The box it's in is too big to put into my bag, and I don't want to 'check' it as is; the TSAstapo will have a fit about it being taped shut and there's no other way to keep it closed. We'll work on that this evening. It is padded, so that may be sufficient.

On the road across the bridge and out of town by 11:00. After some soul-searching the camera remained in the camera bag. It's one thing to be waving the thing around and using auto-focus on a sunny, clear day. Today's trip can be described in two words: rainy driving. Through two mountain passes. So the camera remained shut away. Which probably contributed to an uneventful drive.

The best part is down Alt-97 along the Columbia and Lake Entiat to Wenatchee, then west along Hwy 2/US-97 until 97 turns south toward Cle Elum and I-90. Up to Cle Elum it's a great drive. In Cle Elum though, it's onto the Interstate, and well, it's an Interstate. It'll get you there. Might be some pretty scenery (there is) but it's an Interstate.

Back to Seattle. Which, nods to my friends that live there, is a Big City, and I'm a Country Boy. Despite... no, because I grew up in a big city, I'm a Country Boy. I can get around, but I don't like 'em. And due to bad sihnage, missed my exit, wound up going further south than I had to. It's all good, though, because when I did get off I-5 and checked the map I saw I could go by Saltwater State Park. That's the place the photos I posted from last year were made. Good stop, then up the back roads to the place I'm resting my head tonight, and then tomorrow onto the Big Bird back to Baja Jorja.
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