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Progress is Our Most Important Problem

Took SWMBO out shopping yesterday, to one of her favorite stores... Ace Hardware. I managed to pick up a couple things needed as well. My big purchase, 14 bolts, 14 nuts, 28 washers, and a package of vacuum cleaner bags for the studio vacuum. The nuts and bolts are to fasten two blocks together into one; actually two sets of large blocks, and one of small blocks, or some combination thereof.

These blocks came from BaM, courtesy of Wolfmom. (Thx, Wolfmom!) During a renovation, these were being decommissioned; in fact, they would be destroyed but for my alternative use. Recycling display stands for a totally different type of display. There were some others I had long teeth for, but those needed to be returned to corporate storage. Sigh.

So I will be using them for display of a sorts. They will now be modelling blocks, small platforms for models to pose upon. Should be interesting.

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