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Off Again, Off Again

Now it's the third weekend of October, and once again I'm hitting the road for a perioperative nursing conference. This one is closer to home, a mere two and a half hours down the road in St. Petersburg Beach on the Gulf Coast. And I am just getting used to being home. *G*

This trip includes some photography business as well, though perhaps not much in the way of making photos this time. I'll be delivering photos. They're all prepped, if not exactly packed, and look good. Plus, it's a nice feeling. See, there's two ways to provide compensation for time for people who model for a photographer in any manner. One is of course to pay them, directly, for their time. On my books, this is listed as hiring 'consulting' services, or the equivalent as the models are independant contractors with me.

Another means carries one of two (or both) names. Time For Prints, or Time For CD/DVD. Used to be the former, before the days of digitising photos, now it may be both. In those days before digitising, a very nice young lady and classmate of mine during my first tour of duty as a college student posed for some portraits. Some of the photos were fairly straightforward, others deliberately stretched into what I conceived of as surreal or abstract or whatever, in the brilliance of youthful arrogance.

She did receive some prints for this, 30 some years ago, and when I left school to enter the Navy, we lost track of each other. No big deal at the time; life is like that. A couple years ago (was going to say last year, but I believe it's longer than that...) we 'found' each other using one of the "Locate Old Friends/Relatives/Classmates/Shipmates" web sites. And, yes, she remembered the modeling, and yes, of course I can use her images, and could she get some more copies of those photos as she'd lost hers over the years.

And turns out she lives (basically) in St. Petersburg these days.

So yes, definitely, copies of your photos coming your way, K. K wanders through my LJ Space, here, but is part of that generic username called "A Nony Mouse." You can see her here, in a 30 year time capsule view currently called "Untitled", but which will henceforth be known as 'Portrait of K' and I'll fill in all the name as the paperwork becomes something more than verbal.

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