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Well, last week's turn-around was much shorter; one day back from Washington to do laundry and re-pack, and then off to St. Pete Beach. I've already mentioned very briefly in passing, the conference itself proved quite a good one, with interesting speakers and a mock malpractice trial to demonstrate aspects an RN needs to know...

And some photos made, though not processed yet. Time. So much more precious than gold. And I did indeed use the Nikon NEF or RAW format, so they need processing. Mostly some fun things, a couple of nice sunset photos too.

Not to mention delivering the Time For Prints photos to Kendra. We'd met in our Theatre Arts class at Aquinas College, oh, a mere 32 years or so ago, and I'd asked her to model for me for some photos around campus, plus a few other artsy ones in leotard and tights. One of those received an honorable mention in the Spring Arts Festival for the College, but the one shot which I think is the best of the group, a portrait of her on the landing of the main stairs in Wege Center, that one didn't take any prizes. Too bad. I've previously linked to it, so you'll need to root around my LJ to find that link. I'm tired still.

At any rate, along with a good selection of prints (I did tell her, yes we made some photos with you smoking a cigarette, no, I won't print those), I included a pay-off. See, I happen to feel that waiting 32 years means there's been some interest accumulating on the photos, so she received an 11x14 print (that's inches), double-matted and framed, of "Portrait of Kendra, 1971". Yes, I did need to do that, eh?

Popper came along to the Tacky Tourist party as I think I mentioned; I'll wait until you can see his outfit. He caught a rather nice photo of one of the courtyard decorations at the resort, as well as one of the sunset as well. Didn't win any prizes at the party, though.

And, on Sunday early afternoon following the conference, met up with The Man With No Name, kenshusei himself. We tried to get to some 'local colour' places, a Thai restaurant followed by a sushi place, but good heavens they were both closed on Sundays. What's with this? Settled for Franchise, easy to do because the primary purpose was conversation, with food an important second. Once we finally connected, Man With No Name offered to drive; when I expressed some concern about leaving photo and computer equipment in car unattended (albeit locked) he simply smiled and pointed over his shoulder... at the Police Department sign. Ah, yes, parking in the Police Department lot. Probably a safe place. Clever fellow.

Then safely on up the highway to the Ranch, and an easy dinner, and a Hot Soak. Enjoyed a good portion of that bottle of wine brought home for Herself, with dinner.

Then off to Hospital Monday morning, there to dig out from underneath a week and a half of e-mails & other messages. Just about got that cleared today. One more day to work this week, and Thursday off to the "City where all the brothers love one another."

Geek bonus points for those who identify the quote.

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