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I Prefer To Remember

To be honest, there are some things less pleasant to remember. The fear, the anxiety and uncertainty. The lines of news team trucks, blocking roads and slowing traffic.

The deaths. The five deaths.

But I prefer to remember them, and will remember them, I will, because there is excellent reason to keep their memory alive. They are the victims, along with the rest of us who lived in their community.

Sonja Larson, 18, and Christina Powell, 17, Christa Hoyt, 18, Tracy Paules and Manny Taboada, both 23. May they rest in peace.

I will remember Sadie Darnell, who became the face of the Investigation. I do not live in her county, but I wish her the best in her quest to be elected Alachua County Sherriff.

I will not name, ever again, for there is no good reason to remember nor recall that other individual. None. What. So. Ever.
Tags: local history, remembrance, victims

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