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Outbound from MCO to Reagan International, aboard an Airbus A319; I’ve owned this laptop for five years now, with a combined auto/aircraft AC/DC converter. This is the first time I’ve gotten to use it aboard an aircraft. Not that there’s vital work for me to do, but you bet I’m using it! We’ll see what we get for the one-hour flight from Washington to LGA in New York.

We didn’t do too badly getting off the ranch. Wolfmom stopped by shortly after 18:00 (which was my want to roll time, and we were packed by then) to pick up the instructions for dealing with the ranch and dogs. She’s going to cover the dogs entirely, since she doesn’t need to be at the Ocala store for renovations until 09:00. She may have Olaf feed them Saturday evening, since she will be at an event. This leaves the chickens and hogs for Lillie and her help.

Traffic was present but not heavy for the drive through the Ocala Forrest. Trip time pretty much as usual, we hit the road about 19:00. I planned on Ruthann calling her mother to let her know we left a bit later than projected, but as Ruthie says, we got into a quiet mode. All in all not bad, we arrived Deltona at 21:15 just as Mary (thinking our door-bell ring was Regina) prepared to go over to Gina’s house for the night.

So we visited with Mary for about a half-hour to 45 minutes, then Ruthie took her over to Gina’s because Gina hadn’t returned yet. I expect the kids were keeping her occupied. We watched Without a Trace and then went to bed. Missed CSI for visiting. I spent about eight minutes on-line with the laptop after not figuring out Mary’s connection (I expect she mostly doesn’t connect) to make a note of the hotel’s address and directions to there from La Guardia.

Up at 03:00 and on the road again at 04:00. Despite my not being entirely sure of the route to the toll road 417 via the ‘back way’ around Sanford, we connected just fine. Well, one little bobble because the sign to the airport was right at the intersection. Nothing bad. We parked the car, though it’s at the opposite end of the terminal from our check-in and therefor probably our luggage pick-up on homecoming, too.

Check-in no big worry, but the flight number changed, and E-Ticket Machine didn’t like my name from my debit card. I’m not sure if my middle initial not being on the ticket is the problem there.

So we change gates in Washington. Lots of time to do so, two hours between arrival and departure. Cousin Tim called yesterday to see if he could meet us in La Guardia and catch a ride to Nyack. He’ll arrive in LGA before we do by a few hours, so he’s planning on meeting us at the gate. We’ll see, but he does have my cell phone number. Now, do I have his cell phone number?

It would appear that I don’t, though I expect I could get it easy enough by calling his office.

When we get home, oh Geek, I need to put a velcro strap on the vehicle AC/DC converter cords. This is cool that I’m banging away and not burning battery to do so. It amuses me greatly; as commented I’ve owned it for quite a while. Flights to Chelan Wa, Chicago, Dallas (multiple), Denver (multiple), Los Angeles (both Orange County & LAX), Nashville, New Zealand, Rapid City, San Diego, St. Louis, Washington DC (multiple), and this is the first aircraft I’ve been on equipped to supply me power in Economy Class. I can’t speak to First Class since I’ve not been in that area while owning this laptop.

I did use it several times in automobiles. So it’s not like it’s totally wasted money.

Fri, October 8, 2004 08:07:50

We’ve received the 45 minute notice, and I’ll be shutting down in a little bit to put this back into the overhead (since we’re in the first row of Economy). The 30 Minute Rule applies for Washington Reagan International, after all. I’m just having way too much fun playing right now, though. I mean, I don’t normally run on saying so relatively little in my journals.

Which is the three-letter designation for Washington Reagan International Airport. Anyway.

On the one hand, I discovered something interesting. Here at DCA one may not transfer to an earlier flight via stand-by if one has checked bags. One must remain ‘together’ with one’s bags. So if we chose to travel today with only carry-on baggage, we could conceivably have jumped onto an earlier flight to La Guardia.

On the other hand, I also discovered that yesterday at some point, AT&T Wireless interrupted my cellular service and will require me to pay in full to restore same. This makes communications on this trip a touch problematic. I’ll need to pay the bill when we arrive, but I'm somewhat irked that I received notice about the e-bill yesterday, and today the service is interupted...

On the Gripping Hand, the cellular service got us through two hurricanes and the initial flurry of communications regarding my brother. I may check with AT&T Wireless via phone, and see if under the circumstances (and with payday being seven days away) I’d be able to make a partial payment now if I pay in full the remainder next Friday. Should the answer be no, I intend to be polite about it, because of those two hurricanes and a trip to Dallas and a death in the family.

We are waiting patiently and I am munching on some mixed fruit. Ruthann is enjoying a smoothie. I’ve checked out my wireless card, and guess what? There’s no wireless service in the closer of the two airports serving Our Nation’s Capitol.

We boarded on time in DCA and bounced to LGA; arrived on schedule, met up with Cousin Tim after a short wait & overhead page to overcome a disconnected cell. Off on the Hertz Bus, to the Hertz Place, into a Hertz Car. Did a check of the exterior (no damage) & interior (ditto) and then on the road to Nyack. Not a bad drive at all (mid-day, eh?) Took us 30 - 45 mintues. Couple points of amusement:

Approaching the toll booth of one bridge (I forget which), needed to get into the lane to pay cash vs. the "EZ-Pass"; late lane switch, flipped on the blinkers & announced to the world "I'm from out of town. Be afreaid." Nothing bad happened...

Got to the hotel, went to check in, hotel asked for tag number. Looked at the keys... wha????? Florida tags on the rental I picked up in New York. Go figure.

Tired. I go to bed now.


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