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Good Party. I Go Home Now

Presentation done. Went well, even if people did want to sit in the back of the room. Good question/answer period, always one of the fun part of any presentation... what they gonna ask now? Chuckles at the slide which announced the question/answer period, supposed to be s'all good.

Very nearly all packed; in fact, laptop needs to go into the bag for the trip to the airport. There it will probably come out, to be accessible while waiting. Internet access to be determined; I didn't try Phillie's airport on arrival, so I don't know. Some places, it's free. Many places, it's not. We'll see.

But that's basically it. All that's left is riding the big bird home. Do I want to put in a music CD, or a DVD, or will I work on other things while in the air? I'll leave you in suspense.

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