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Almost Home

Back on the ground in Hoggetowne again, uneventful flights. Well, not exactly uneventful. Rode to the airport with one of my nurse friends, shared a cab. M works for Major Software Vendor of previous postings, the one I work with at Hospital. So M offered to cover the cab, as it's expensed. OK. This is good. Getting close to the Phillie airport the cabbie asks us which airline each of us is flying. Nearly simultaniously, M & I say, "US Air."

Well, a bit of a chuckle regarding the facility of dropping us off. Then Cabbie asks where we're going, because Phillie is a major US Air hub with several terminals. And in sequence we answer, "Charlotte." More chuckles about the facility of dropping us off because it's the same terminal. M then asks me what time my flight leaves (a bit later), would I like to get on her flight (figure sure, I'll go standby), and she says, "Oh, no, I mean get on my flight. I've got enough miles with US Air I can get you there, and upgrade you too."

And so it came to pass that not only did I leave Phillie a couple hours earlier than scheduled (very nice in Charlotte, as I'd otherwise been trotting to make connections in 25 minutes)), I also flew 1st class from Phillie to Charlotte. Charlotte to Hoggetowne is a large flying culvert, no particularly special seating, ever. Nice to have someone to travel with, and sit and chat with until our other flights boarded (our gates were next to each other in Charlotte).

Played with one of the docs from Hospital's head in Charlotte; he was on the flight home as well. Kept looking at me, reaction showed he knew me from somewhere but could tell he wasn't clicking on where. I neglected to elucidate.

So now I'm waiting for Herself. She's coming up from closer to Ocala, where she went to help some friends build a hog pen (for more 4H projects), left a message to tell me this. She'd planned on heading past the Ranch to drop off baby goat and change vehicles. I called her to tell her I think all three of us will fit in Forrest NissanPickup (my bag can go in the load bed, eh?), so she's re-routing up here. Her message was just a bit before we landed (we got in a bit earlier than planned), hence the revisions.

So now I go surf a bit.
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