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Yesterday my friend LJ seemed to be feeling a bit wonky. At first, nothing would come up except a message about LJ experiencing a power failure. Then I could access and read my LJ, but not my profile or my 'Friends' page. Some of my 'Friends' pages were accessible, others not so much. Today seems better.

As these things do, it all worked out. Herself was off (after morning Ranch rounds) to help folk at the Shire with work out at the horse arena where they host an annual SCA equestrian event, which event is next weekend. This left me to keep an eye on things, including one baby goat in need of milk at a couple points through the day. As baby goats go, this one is fairly quick on the uptake. Took him hardly any time at all to centralise the concept that he has two "mommies" that provide milk and safety. And now he's getting into the separation anxiety stage, hollering extremely loudly when left behind in the maternity pen.

Life it so tough when one is a baby goat.

Houdini and Smudge and Squrrl were happy to do a tramp about, even a short one. Then I turned myself loose on the house and hoovered. This being the time of year when things cool off, and we occasionally turn off the ceiling fans, we also notice the detritus buildup on the leading edges of the fan blades. Now seven fans are lighter by dint of suctioning off accumulated dust, hair, and et cetera. Since I'm trudging the bloody vacuum cleaner about to do this, it just seems sensible to hoover the carpet at the same time.

I'm extremely impressed at the difference in suction capability between the new machine we bought Herself (nearly a year back, now), and my old Electrolux. The Electrolux is now stationed in Studio, since hard wood floors (notice I don't say hardwood floors, as I don't think that plywood qualifies as hardwood) are easier to hoover than carpet. It used to be we'd put a new bag into the Electrolux and change it out after finishing the whole house. Now, we're usually emptying the cannister (the new one has one of those reusable cannisters and clean-able filters) once for each room.

Following all that, a brief visit by R on her way home from a blue-grass festival in Dunedin FL. Herself wasn't back from horse arena yet, though she did call while R and I were out visiting with baby goat and border collies. I didn't get the message right off, as I then went out to make sure teh Horses were fed before adjourning to the House. So Herself was past the point of turning to pick up a pre-ordered pizza (she'd not pre-programmed the pizza place's phone number into her mobile, something now rectified). Thus, when she got back to the House we ordered out pizza, she jumped into the shower, and I ran into town to hunt and gather.

This morning, much of the same so far. Not sure if it's another work day on the arena but could well be. I've some other things to do, since the house is done being hoovered. It's that other never ending story, eh? Laundry.

That, and photography work. Time to go through those photos made during the Month of Travel and put some of it out there for your enjoyment. Shameless personal promotion, larger, higher quality prints are of course available from Mad Shutter-Bug Photography, a division of Studio 318.
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