June 18th, 2004


I didn't know that!

What kind of disease are you?

Mad Shutterbug:

Mad Shutterbug is caused by sponges.

Mad Shutterbug will, upon infection, cause you to become a street-mime.
To cure Mad Shutterbug, act like a muppet.

It's All Fred's Fault

We will blame the re-naming of the LJ on fatfred . After all, he's an otter and we are all Border Collies, and it's so Zen, being a Border Collie. Our Reason for Being is to herd. Herding R Us. It is work that makes us happy. It's all, like, in You, there, goat, join the herd. Now! Cow, you too. You, Two-leg not of our family, you go join the goats too. Anything and everything can and will be herded. Even Boss' smelly socks. On the feet. Off the feet. On the feet. Off the feet. Into the laundry basket. Move, move, move, move, move. Now stop. You're where we want you. Don't go anywhere.

So when we got the chance to read  fatfred and Skippy's journal, and saw that Fred got to say things, well, we told Boss We Get To Say Things Too.

And Boss said, Kewl.

So, Two-leg, come over here RIGHT NOW and read this. Because we will herd you too.

The Border Collie Bros., Houdini, Sargent Smudge, and Squirrel

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