June 21st, 2004



Last night, Boss & Mrs. Boss took us out like usual to watch over the goats during the night, which is always fun because we get to sleep under the stars. Except there weren't many stars, so we got to sleep under the raindrops.

Then this morning, Boss & Mrs. Boss came out but instead of bringing us in first, there was this really really really really really loud BANG over by the pig pens. And then they fussed about a little more, but we couldn't see what they were herding because of the tall grass.

Anyway, then they came and got us. Which is really cool, because if all the goats are OK they tell us we're really good dogs, you know? So Boss came and got me first (I'm Houdini) so I get to tell the story and we went and got my brother Sargent Smudge while Mrs. Boss got Squirrel. Then we started back toward the house, but the pickup truck was by the pig pens, and there was this big pig lying on the ground behind it, and we could smell... SUPPER!

So then Boss said "Load Up" which I know means get into the back of the truck so I did, but Smudge didn't know and he sort of looked confused (Did so know. I just haven't done it as often as you, and besides, that pig smelled good! Smdg) Anyway, Smudge jumped in but Squirrel needed some help. (Did not either! Sqrl)

Mrs. Boss got into the truck. And Boss got in the back with us and sat down, and said OK here we go, and and we went for a ride! But Squirrel hid his head under Boss' knees while we rode toward the house. (Did not either! Sqrl) (Did so too, I saw you Smdg) (Did not either! Boss' legs smelled good. Like Piggie! Sqrl) (Bet you didn't see the pig following us, eh Squirrel? Hdni) (The pig followed us?!)

So we didn't get to play Water Sports after watching the goats, but that's OK because Mrs. Boss says we're gonna have Fresh Liver for Dinner! Yum
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