July 1st, 2004




So I bought the lens.  PayPal took it's own sweet time to authorize the funds transfer in so I could pay for the lens.  They always say the transfer could take up to five working days depending on the bank.  I know for a fact that my bank did the transfer within 24 hours.  The remainder of those five working days were all PayPal.

So I felt somewhat concerned already, in terms of paying the seller.  No worries, according to him, because I'd contacted him right after the auction and explained this.  He was leaving for a short trip; I told him I'd send along the payment as soon as PayPal cleared it.

Which I did. Tuesday, last week.  According to seller, item would be shipped on Wednesday, FedEx.

As of yesterday, it either hasn't arrived, or was left out by the gate and "walked" which I've no way of knowing just yet.

So today, I need to contact Seller and find out When Shipped, Who Shipped, How Shipped (i.e.Ground vs. Air, which I think will be Ground), and Tracking Number.

Argh.  I really want to play with that lens!

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