September 10th, 2004


And Then, There's That Other Storm

Though if the NHC is correct in their projections for the entire season, there may be many "Other Storms."

I received an e-mail from my brother today; most often we are giving him a hard time when he complains that the "Cruising Life" aboard their 45' sailboat is rough (but, of course, somebody has to do it). Other times, he says it's doing maintenance in exotic places.

Like Grenada.

Where the North Star was pulled out of the water a couple months back for major maintenance, above and below the water line.

Where that Other Storm visited just before continuing on to it's current 'friends', the Jamaicans.

They are alive and well, and North Star came through unharmed, even being "up on the hard" as they call it. So it's a bit long, if you're interested in it Collapse )

I am glad to hear he is all right. I am not glad to hear about the damages; all too familiar with that already. But then, there's that one passage in there, about John organizing some of the cruiser's and such... that's my big bro, and he makes me proud.
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