September 25th, 2004


Home Again

Arrived home (actually to the house) around midnight a bit after this morning. Getting out of DFW proved relatively easy; I still am not particularly enamoured of that airport. Long, narrow, and with the security checks at the points where passengers feed from ticketing/luggage check into the gates, very congested because of this. However, the place was not designed with this much need for security in mind, I'm sure.

Took on solid fuel before boarding. First Class got a snack. Steerage did not. We arrived about 45 minutes late into Atlanta Hartsfield, thus making my connection problematic. True to form, though, American Southeast Airlines, the Delta Connection, experienced delays on the ground. I boarded in time to leave, with the continuing debate, did my single checked bag make the connection as well?

It did, somewhat to my amazement.

Thus ends my trip to the Big D.
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