September 26th, 2004


The H-ticket Ride Starts Now

Jeanne made landfall about the time expected, however the track is tending more southerly than projected with no northern turn quite yet. We're getting winds and gusts typical of the very outer edges, enough to hear and observe in the trees, a bit of rain so far. I told Ruthann yesterday, one thing we know for sure. We've gotten better at getting ready.

E-mail sent to Fox 35 via their website:
To Fox:

One of those cliche "Good Job But" notes... thank you very much for the quality reporting of the progress on all of the major storms which have struck Florida this hurricane season. It makes an incredible difference for those of us who may not even be in the Orlando (your headquarters) area, broadcast through your affiliate stations such as Fox 51 out of Ocala.


As a Registered Nurse, I am concerned that your station is not issuing eye protection for your reporters in the field reporting on the hurricane conditions. Many of them commented on the force that even the raindrops impart when carried by these winds, much less the other debris picked up by hurricanes and moved about.

Eye protection is quite inexpensive, compared to paying one of your reporters disability for losing their vision, even temporarily from corneal abrasions, while on the job.

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