September 28th, 2004


Post Bleh

Overall, just feeling bleh. Some of this is feeling a headcold; have already started the usual suspects (echinacia, Vit. C on top of the usual regimen). Some of it is following a week on the road capped off with once again doing the Hurricane Tango. But such is the stuff of life, to whit those bumps I've mentioned either in comments or postings. I am not bored, just bleh.

Looks like another evening enjoying the wonders of late September rural Florida at the ranch; such amusement as may be found watching the Border Collie Bros. and Mama Munch, or Mama Snuggles and the Four Kittens of the Apocalypse as they explore their (relatively) calm environment. I expect it will be early to bed, and then early to rise so as to try to beat the traffic re-routed from other closed routes onto my drive.

But, I am not bored. The world has my attention.
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