December 16th, 2004


Tis the Season

For an Odd Dream: first, simply the fact that I recall dreaming is unusual in itself, normally I don't; biting off toothbrush handles (with the brush still contained in my mouth), and chewing plastic spoons for crunchiness...

Thinking about my brother, as well: a comment of his which may seem off-the-wall right now (except to a few who know me better), and may be because I can't talk to him about what's happening anymore. One of the reasons he liked the Navy, about the time he reached the point of enacting summary execution upon the a**holes he worked with, he would be transferred to a new duty station where it would take him a while to reach the point of enacting summary execution, etc.

Yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow, there are some around here upon whom it is time to enact summary execution.

And thinking about Dad, too, because the Winter Solstice is the day he died nine years back. Since that's next week, I'm looking to do something here on LJ, that day, and related to Dad.

For right now, though, I guess I ought to get back to work.
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