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OK Then

Most of the brou-ha-ha is over. The Democrats now hold a controlling majority in the House. This means that the Chairs of the various Committees will be held by Democrats. It also means that day-to-day operations are more or less under Democrat control. OK.

The Senate is still a bit up in the air, but will essentially be a dead heat. Yah, the Democrats could claim '51' seats; but even given a Democratic victory in VA, the actual numbers are 49 Democrats, 49 Republicans, and 2 Independants. I'll stipulate (for arguement) that those 2 Independants 'vote Democrat' as is reported in the news media. It still remains, given Democratic victory in VA those are the numbers.

So what we have, folks, is indeed a functional stalemate. No overwhelming majority in either House, so no sure way to over-ride a Presidential Veto. Still and all, as I've seen mentioned elsewheres, this is all good. It's a step in a good direction, and you may have noticed I don't much talk politics here.

That being said, it appears my dogs, the Border Collie Bros, learned how to hire a lobbyist. That's right, I got a message today from the bordercolliebrs to go follow a scent in wedschilde's place... scroll down on that link above to catch the scent Houdini is talking about.

And just what did you have to do with this, wedschilde>


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Nov. 8th, 2006 11:54 pm (UTC)
Jeffords is almost more than likely to vote Dem.

I shall withhold judgement on Lieberman.

Nov. 9th, 2006 11:50 am (UTC)
Not far off my own assessment. Particularly considering the GOP truly did not field strong opposition to the latter.
Nov. 9th, 2006 01:07 am (UTC)
Proposition BCB
Therein lies a need within society for the expansion of access to vehicular entertainment for all parties contained within the subset known as the BorderCollieBrothers, hereby known as BCB. The commonwealth has recognized the dearth of such excursions and has placed a requisition for the increase of such traverses off of the property in appropriate conveyances.

I, wedschilde, endorse this measure in full view of my constituents and sponsors in the hopes of bringing awareness to the needs of the BCB. I fully believe and commit to saying that the increase of access will provide a longer, healthier and happier life to all those concerned.

i am reece notley and i approve of this message.
advertisment sponsored by monies donated by the furred alliance for vehicular entertainment and the petroleum industry.
Nov. 9th, 2006 11:48 am (UTC)
Re: Proposition BCB
OMG the Other West Coast is infiltrating Baja Jorja!
Nov. 9th, 2006 03:00 pm (UTC)
Re: Proxposition BCB

we r in yur coast...
lobbying your puppies
Nov. 9th, 2006 04:14 pm (UTC)
Re: Proxposition BCB
More Rides! More Rides! More Rides!
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