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OK Then

Most of the brou-ha-ha is over. The Democrats now hold a controlling majority in the House. This means that the Chairs of the various Committees will be held by Democrats. It also means that day-to-day operations are more or less under Democrat control. OK.

The Senate is still a bit up in the air, but will essentially be a dead heat. Yah, the Democrats could claim '51' seats; but even given a Democratic victory in VA, the actual numbers are 49 Democrats, 49 Republicans, and 2 Independants. I'll stipulate (for arguement) that those 2 Independants 'vote Democrat' as is reported in the news media. It still remains, given Democratic victory in VA those are the numbers.

So what we have, folks, is indeed a functional stalemate. No overwhelming majority in either House, so no sure way to over-ride a Presidential Veto. Still and all, as I've seen mentioned elsewheres, this is all good. It's a step in a good direction, and you may have noticed I don't much talk politics here.

That being said, it appears my dogs, the Border Collie Bros, learned how to hire a lobbyist. That's right, I got a message today from the bordercolliebrs to go follow a scent in wedschilde's place... scroll down on that link above to catch the scent Houdini is talking about.

And just what did you have to do with this, wedschilde>

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