January 2nd, 2005


Welcome to the New Year

We start with a couple questions to my friends and associates who've been playing in the LJ world longer than I have. Do things suddenly rearrange themselves on New Year's Day? Does Frank the Goat wander through the ethereal place and adjust things to suit his sense of humor?

I some how managed to leave the Box on overnight, with an LJ window open, from New Year's Eve through afternoon on New Year's Day, so even though I disconnected from the Internet LJ figured I was still logged in when I re-connected. But yesterday afternoon I logged off the 'Net and then shut down the box. Spent time on the 'Net after that, but primarily to let SWMBO new PC download the plethora of Microshaft Updates it needs to patch the holes found since the version of W2K on it was released. When I dialed up and logged in today, LJ thinks I'm still logged in (shouldn't be, it's supposed to log-off when I close the browser window), and my LJ appearance is one of the default ones.

"Curiouser and curiouser," said Alice.
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I drank a beer tonight.

OK, in and of itself, drinking a beer isn't a big thing. I mean, I drink beer; not exceptionally frequently these days, but often enough that it isn't a big thing. Just to be drinking a beer, that is.

This particular beer, though, is the last of four I brought home with me from Dunedin, New Zealand. Emerson's Old 95, an old English ale brew. Seven percent alcohol by volume, and any of the American's who may read this will recognize that makes it Beer, rather than beer. It proved one of the oddest things to me, traveling to New Zealand (I'd already learned from Good Authority that the Kiwi's took their Beer seriously) to see various well-known American brands of beer imported. It seemed... odd. Why import something that frankly, I consider to be useful as cooking beer, at best?

Right, maybe to cook with. And maybe I'm too much of a beer snob.

But I did see people drinking it.

Anyway, back to this particular beer. I bought four half-liter bottles when we were in Dunedin. Emerson's isn't the big Name brewery; I simply like their better than the big Name. Bought these on September 12. (If you're interested, see my entry here for why that's pertinent). Split two of them with a friend who fixed up my Ford 8N tractor while we were away on holiday. Easy to do with a half-liter bottle. Split the other one with another friend.

This one I set aside, telling myself it was for a special occasion. After all, I'd traveled half-way around the world to buy it. So it sat on the shelf in the kitchen for three years and three months. Bottle got a bit dusty, just like bottles in the wine cellar, eh? In fact, I'd probably forgotten for a while that I hadn't opened it yet; noticed the cap on it right after Thanksgiving this year.

Drank it tonight. Not on New Year's Day, nor on New Year's Eve. Not special enough. On the day after.

Raised it in toast to my sister, Cathy. Happy Birthday, Cathy. Raised it in toast to the memory of my Father and Father-in-Law, for today would be their birthday's as well. Now, that's special.

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