January 27th, 2005


Tax Man

I am currently being mildly to moderately frustrated by older computer equipment (well, five years, and a faithful laptop but still... five years), and installing TurboTax. This is no doubt due in small part to my own um, er, ineptitude? By forgetting my power supply and needing to therefor run off of battery whilst doing said installation, yesterday. Battery juice ran out rather close to the end of the run, and so of course the installation wasn't complete, not to mention the usual messages from Micro Shaft about "improper shut down and aren't you a total idiot we'll take care of you and check your computer out and fix it..."

So today, after work (wanting to avail myself of the high-speed Internet) I resumed the installation process. OK, not too bad, hardly any "My aren't you a stupid twit to have gotten yourself into this prediciment" messages. On the other hand, the download of the appropriate tax information updates took rather long... even for the Internet T-100 connection... and needed to be stepped through twice.


I am finally done, and am hungry, and I need to go home now.