February 20th, 2005


Things Done Meme

Ten Things I've Done that You Probably Haven't (and if you have, do tell!)
a meme lifted from a buncha folks (via Misia, Joe Decker)

1: Been up to my elbows in Blood and Guts. Literally. Of various species including Homo Sapien.

2: Viewed the Southern Cross.

3: Photographed naked people for fun and profit, as well as for non-profit... one of them in atmospheric temperatures of 23 F/-5 C.

4: Told a surgeon that if he had a gun I'd listen to him bitch about my putting his elective surgery on hold, meanwhile shut up and get out of my way while I'm helping get the emergency surgeries started.

5: Been shot at by people who were actively trying to make my life shorter. (Which much later gave me the wherewithall to tell the surgeon what I did.)

6: Ridden my bicycle a distance greater than 100 miles in ten hours on several occasions. Not to mention several cross-country trips hauling my own supplies.

7: Felt the Apollo-Soyuz Mission Launch.

8: Built a barn.

9: Put out a major fire that was between me and the only exit.

10: I have been Da King. No, not an Elvis impersonator, Da King. Really.
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I am in charge of Nothing

Back in the days immediately following my dad's death, my brother-in-law D offered a set response to many questions asked him about things happening in the house: I'm in charge of Nothing. As the days passed, I'd see him look at, for example, several bags of garbage accumulated as we cleaned house, and hear him say, "That looks like Nothing." At which point, the specific whatever would be gathered up and dealt with. Which left us free to deal with Something.

I found that attitude worked very well a couple of years back, when Ruthie's dad died. I continue to be in charge of Nothing, which today included making duplicates of a number of photographs Mother Mary wants to send out in packages to various and sundry cousins/nieces/nephews, hauling out the trash, brewing coffee. Which, as it did then, leaves Ruthie free to deal with Something.

I do believe, however, that I shall omit listing Being In Charge of Nothing on my Curriculum Vitae.
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New Toy

Actually, I've had this toy for a number of months now. It was, in fact, a birthday present to Self, but since birthday this year fell in the middle of the Month of Storms, I didn't set it up right away. Then, there was the side-trip to New York. Followed by the side trip to Washington. Which immediately preceded getting swamped at Hospital. All of which is interspersed with getting ready for the annual hadj to AORN Congress (Five Weeks!).

(shut up, tom)

Oh, right. It's a Graphire 3 Wacom tablet. I've been having fun most of the afternoon doing much of nothing (i.e. I didn't save much) other than starting to get used to the capabilities. I am much impressed!