March 11th, 2005


Real Estate

Yesterday afternoon at hospital I moved my PC workstation and related hard-copy files, reference books, and personal memorabilia out of my Dilbert Cubicle and (back) into the office with Ed. Ed is the other RN who supports the OR related computer system we use at hospital. He is on a System Administrator line, non-clinical. I am on a Staff Nurse line, which is why I've also been staffing rooms to deliver patient care in the current staffing crunch.

It is not set up yet, simply moved. Today is a day off, to do a great deal of catch-up work on the Ranch. If I feel so inclined and time proves available, I might toddle off into town to finish unpacking boxes and re-connecting my PC, as I am not so optimistic to believe it will happen on Monday during routine work hours.

This all comes to pass because of the value of Real Estate. It's as much an issue within any business, I'm sure, and definitely at hospital as it is in the greater community. Ed is enacting some anticipatory planning. I shared this space with him during the initial implementation of our current computer system, and we know that:
A: we get along in such a space
B: we are productive working together in such a space, and
C: there are Others who would potentially be assigned to such a space because...

Because a space where these others are currently working is now slated (a Change in Plans, please note) to be a Sleep Room and Office Space rather than only Office Space for OR personnel who need the office space. One of the people for that space will move into my Dilbert Cubicle today. The rationale is that puts all technical, unlicensed personnel into the same workspace (four Cubicles), places both licensed personnel who are dealing with sensitive patient and personnel information as well as conducting frequent conference calls into the same workspace, and decreases the needs for office space in the location being turned into a sleep room, which means the two people remaining in that space (when the last person who is not a part of the Division of Operating Rooms and Related Services moves out) will be able to comfortably occupy the amount of space being allocated for offices/Dilbert Cubicles.

Ed and I maintained a friendly banter during our previous office co-habitation about whose office this really was, and who had the bigger desk (Ed) in it. At one point, I manufactured a name-plate for the sign holder outside the door with very small font type on it; then another friend of ours snagged that, reproduced it in the workshop (he worked with Physical Plant) in even smaller type that literally required a magnifying glass to read. The sign holder then read:

ED ...

Tiny desk in corner
Tom ...

It took Ed about three weeks to notice it. The desk I'm using this time around is a bit bigger than the previous one in the same space which was recycled elewhere. I'd need to re-do the sign again to say "Small desk in corner" and I am thinking very seriously about doing so...

At least this time, I'm supposed to get my own phone line.

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I Regret To Inform You

We learn this morning that the Brand New Little Brown Kid died during the night. I am disappointed, but not surprised; entirely too much time passed between when she was born and when I finally found her. The critical bonding period lapsed, and even with food provided, companionship provided, she did not survive.

The small advantage (and one of the reasons we made such effort) is that she will now go into The Books as a business loss, potential income based on a theoretical number of offspring. Please note, I do not cite this as the small consolation. It is not.


She was so cute!
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Gone To Gulf Wars... NOT

Well, an accomplished day even if not all successful. The successful part I've already discussed. The not quite successful part involves a small trailer with an orange box on it which belongs to some friends getting ready to travel to Gulf Wars. Not, not halfway around the world, in Mississippi... and in another world. Any of you folk who are Scadian should recognize it.

Anyway, the little trailer arrived here a month or so ago for storage. Shortly before it arrived here, it endured a great deal of torque on the tongue, and consequently didn't trail to very well. Much less, back up worth anything. It's a very light trailer as is, and the mass which is being loaded into it... well, IMHO they need a better trailer.

And, apparently, they know it but were hoping to get through this year's Gulf Wars before doing the necessary fund raising to replace it. Enough available bucks on hand to try to replace the tongue, which we approached a local trailer building business to do. And a very nice replacement tongue it is, too, much sturdier than the original.

Unfortunately, the old tongue was removed from the trailer (bolt-on) for transport to the shop. Did I mention it endured a great deal of torque? Does the description "pretzel" offer you any images? The dimensions derived from the torqued tongue displaced the diameters of bilateral bolt holes just enough that the new tongue won't mount. (BTW, try saying that last three times fast *EG*) Of course, the old tongue is already gone to the scrap metal dealer.

So we took the new tongue back over to the shop this afternoon. With drawings and measurements and circles and arrows on a description on the back... anyway, no problem. Can be fixed. Will be available Monday.

Except... everyone is leaving tomorrow.

Oh well, we're not going so it's a spectator sport for me! On the other hand, arrangements are made for three individuals to transport needed items in their pick up trucks, so all is not lost.

And the piggie that was so fond of climbing the fence? He's going to Gulf Wars too. Da King wants to hold a spit-roast feast, and Da Piggie is da star attraction.
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