March 18th, 2005



Ate very Irish for dinner yesterday evening. Steak Sandwich. Why is that Irish, you don't ask? The steak provided by Bullregaurd, a friendly bovine who wandered back and forth between our next-pasture-neighbor's place and ours.

This morning I am frustrated by McAfee. Specifically, the log-in to your account bullsh*t, telling me it's incorrect info I'm entering when I'm looking at the notes I made back at the initial registration time. I'm up to date for anti-virus protection, and suspect it's getting to be time to renew the contract. Still, this is annoying me.

R went back down to Mother Mary's yesterday afternoon for the weekend, so I've got the Ranch Watch. Will head out to feed the critters soon, and am lined up to visit friends tomorrow evening for dinner. R is planning to return on Monday, giving her some time to visit with her sister R. Come to think of it, if I use their first initials you'll never know which sister I'm referring to, though I never did ask which parent wanted to name the female offspring this way. *g*

So today is a day off hospital, but with other self-employed things to do including ranch and hopefully some time at least sorting through photographs. I haven't un-packed anything from the waterproof totes I put the entire negative/transparency inventory into at the start of the Month of Storms, less only the film I shot last year on the trip to Washington for the WSCPN meeting in Chelan.

That trip yielded some good photos, too. Leaf color change was peaking in the two passes we drove through and the day of the drive over sunny and clear. We got some overcast and rain later during the weekend, so I've a variety of lighting along with a variety of film. Purchased my film out there, to simplify travel logistics, and consequently used color print (which is unusual for me) along with B&W.

Well, I guess that's got to do for a photo fix for now. I hear Bug calling, so it's time to go feed.
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I am off to the bank. It's time to commit to arrangements on this Chrysler T&C minivan.

Well, two years without a car payment was nice. *sigh*